About Collaborative Healthcare

Regain Your Health and Wellness with Collaborative Healthcare

Instead of waiting for a referral or your next doctor’s appointment to treat your pain, take control of your own health! At Collaborative Healthcare, you’ll discover a wide range of treatment options for your pain, recover from injuries, try new therapies and keep your young, beautiful appearance. 

We are a practice focused on medical services that has been in the Lexington community for over two decades. We incorporate a range of techniques and services to create a range of complementary treatment options. This helps get to the root of your health problems while alleviating your symptoms. 

Our Team-Based Approach

Our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, massage therapists and chiropractors collaborate to determine the best possible program of treatment for every patient. We combine pain management, rehabilitation and a variety of therapies to get you back on your feet again, enjoying life. To improve your appearance, we offer a range of medical spa services to help you keep your radiant, youthful glow.

When we work with you, we start by taking down your entire medical history. We’ll perform a complete physical exam and undertake diagnostic tests, such as x-rays. This allows us to get a better picture of the severity and exact nature of your medical issues. Our team will meet and create a customized treatment plan to provide you the best opportunity to fix these issues. Furthermore, while treating your entire system to ensure good health.

Insurance Accepted

Collaborative Healthcare accepts insurance from most major medical carriers. We’re happy to work with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Assurant, United, Humana, Aetna and Cigna, Medicare. We also work with a range of patients working through personal injury cases, worker’s comp cases, auto accidents and similar situations. Instead of waiting for finances to work out during a time when you may be off work or on limited hours, you can rest assured that you can effectively treat your condition under your own insurance. In addition, we’re happy to treat patients requiring cash payment plans to meet their needs.

Instead of waiting for your condition to get worse, possibly becoming irreversible, contact us. Get an effective treatment plan for long-term relief today.

Success Stories

“It really is like a family here. You walk in and you’re treated like you’re supposed to be. They really take an in-depth look at your body and make the best decision to get you back to living optimally.”

Virgil S.

“Everyone at the office was amazing! Everyone explained everything and I was blown away at the services they provided. They made me as comfortable as possible! Absolutely recommend Collaborative Healthcare!”

Lindsey D.

“Dr. Conner and his staff explained clearly what needed done to stay well. Also, his assistants all made me feel that I was part of my own healing process. They all work so well together and treat each patient as if the patient is the only one in the office. I would not think of another practice for my chiropractic needs”

Juanita C.

“Following treatment for foot numbness and leg pain, I was advised by Dr. Mark Kutyla, D.P.M., P.A., to see Dr. Shane Conner.

After 2 major back surgeries and numerous other medical procedures, I was still experiencing extreme back pin. These back problems have lasted for 50 years. After 2 weeks of chiropractic care, I have less back pain than I have had in over 30 years. The results have been outstanding; through sound judgment, professionalism, competence, and tenacity of purpose. This team of people are some of the best in this field of practice.

Dr. Conner/Dr. Stellfox and the rest of the team are, without a doubt, some of the most professional, hardworking and caring people I have dealt with.”

Don M.

“I’ve been going for a while now and I love this group! Everyone in the office makes you feel like you’re part of the family!

All staff are extremely professional and very good at what they do! I’ve been through several different treatments and procedures and I highly recommend the entire practice!”

Michelle W.

“I am writing this letter in regards to the care I received from the NP. I came to Collaborative Healthcare with pain in both my knees. After a thorough assessment, the NP discussed my options and I decided to try the injections. After the second injection in my right knee, I was able to put my Christmas lights up for the first time in four years. After completing three injections in my right knee and one injection in my left knee, I am back to playing basketball with my children again. This means more to me than I can express. I cannot express how grateful I am that this summer I will be back riding the water slides with my children, instead of waiting at the bottom of the slide. Thank you for everything.”

Ana D.

“I was in pain over Memorial Day weekend. They were one of very few practices that were open early! I was able to get in the same day and receive the highest quality of service. EVERYONE was extremely friendly and helpful. They were encouraging and concerned about my overall health. They even gave helpful suggestions unsolicited. Oh and did I mention my pain is better!  I can’t wait until my next visit!”

Jai L.

“Years ago I started with them after two auto accidents left my left arm numb and left hand with less strength. They put a lot of work into me for many months. I can lift bags with my left hand again with about 90-95% strength back. Yesterday I had to come back as I’ve been losing sleep, getting hip injections, having major issues with my lower back and organs in that area. Slept on my left hip for the first time in 4-6 months WITHOUT pain. Still swollen, still have significant pain, but I can tell you I am better than I was yesterday. Trust them. They are good people and know what they are doing. Don’t sit or walk around in pain that could be from alignment. I won’t ever let it get this bad again because I couldn’t fit it in my schedule. Thank you Dr. Connor & Kathy!”

Shannon R.

“A very professional, friendly, and caring team! Diverse specialties assure a combined effort to get you feeling better. People’s love of what they do always transfers to the care they give their patients. I definitely recommend!”

Margaret B.

“I heard about Dr. Conner from my pastor.

On my first visit to Dr. Conner, I was in extreme pain in my right hip and all my muscles felt really tight. Dr. Conner and Dr. Stellfox worked with me over the next several weeks. Gradually my pain decreased and my muscles relaxed. Now, weeks later, I am virtually pain free! I am so thankful to them and all of their staff.

There is relief for you, just hang in there, don’t miss your appointments and persevere. You will soon feel much better.”

Naomi B.

“Love the staff!  They are friendly and caring! Every recommendation I have made has been welcomed with the awesome care that I told them they could expect. I always feel better when I leave there. They soothe my body and my soul!”

Pam S.

“These guys are the greatest! They listen to your issues and act on your problems. Also very warm and caring, a rare commodity in the medical community these days. Thanks so much for caring.”

Margie M.