Trigger Point Injections

Trigger points are tender, focalized area of tissue that form in and around your muscles, usually as a result of excess strain or tension in the muscle. Also called muscle “knots,” trigger points can be really painful and, unfortunately, they’re also very common, especially in the back and neck areas. Sometimes, stretching and therapeutic exercise can help relieve painful symptoms temporarily. But because trigger points involve a certain amount of inflammation, that improvement is often only temporary. 

What’s worse, in addition to localized pain, trigger points can cause radiating pain and tenderness, as well, which means even simple movements can be uncomfortable. If you have trigger points in your neck or back, you can also wind up developing chronic headaches and neck pain.

What Causes Trigger Points?

Trigger points develop when the muscle or the layer of tissue that surrounds it becomes irritated and inflamed. This happens, sometimes from a traumatic injury, but often due to strain and overuse of the muscle. Poor posture is another common cause. Irritation and inflammation can cause the tissue fibers to weaken, and over time, tiny tears can form. This can prolong and even exacerbate those painful symptoms.

While trigger points can occur just about anywhere, today they’re points are especially common in the neck and upper back, mostly as a result of spending hours bent over a computer or other electronic device.  In fact, many trigger points form as a result of everyday movements, which is one reason why they can be very difficult to treat with massage and physical therapy alone.

Relieve Trigger Point Pain with Injection Therapy

Since trigger points involve inflammation, relieving that underlying inflammatory response is essential in getting meaningful and long-term relief. Trigger point injection therapy uses special formulas designed to numb painful symptoms while reducing that underlying inflammation. At Collaborative Healthcare, we offer both “traditional” formulas using anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medications. We also use, Traumeel, a natural alternative that also helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Trigger point injections take just a few minutes, and relief can begin over the next 24-48 hours. Even better, injections can be repeated to provide you with lasting relief for greater comfort and flexibility

Stop Living with Trigger Point Pain

Trigger points can make even simple, everyday activities painful and unpleasant. With targeted injection therapy at Collaborative Health, there’s no need to suffer. To learn more about trigger point injection therapy or to schedule a consultation or treatment, call the office today.