Braces & Support

Medical equipment like braces and support devices work to help you recover and reduce potential of continued damage. At Collaborative Healthcare, we are happy to help you determine what types of braces or support devices would work best for your specific problem. The following are some of the braces and support devices we carry as a registered distributor of Durable Medical Equipment:

  • Low Back Brace: This is a device that will provide you additional support and stability to your lower back and the surrounding areas. This gives you the ability to participate in activities that would normally cause pain. It can also reduce the pain you on a regular basis. The pull tabs of this brace allow you to tighten the top or bottom of the brace independently of the other, giving you a customized fit.
  • Cervical Collar: This medical device is designed to support postural correction. It works by reducing the tendency of your head to move forward too much in poor posture, which can lead to myofascial trigger points, neck and upper back pain and can eventually cause disc herniation and cervical disc degeneration.  
  • TENS Unit: This unit is applied to various areas below the head to provide rapid pain relief. Consequently, it is an effective method to treat chronic and/or occasional pain.

Why Choose Collaborative Healthcare For Your Braces and Support Needs?

You might wonder why you shouldn’t go to the drugstore and purchase a brace or medical support device off the shelf. Why come to Collaborative Healthcare? We at Collaborative Healthcare of Lexington, SC, are a registered distributor of Durable Medical Equipment, including the devices outlined above. Consequently, this means we are properly trained to size and fit your support devices and braces. We also train you to properly adjust and wear your brace or support device, personalizing it for your individual condition. This ensures the support or brace is giving you the most relief possible. This makes it more effective than any generic brace you might buy off a shelf.

Your Next Step

If you think your pain could be helped by a brace, support or other medical device, contact us today. In many cases, health insurance plans cover these medical devices, so there is little to no out-of-pocket cost. Let us help you determine if one of our support devices or braces is right for you. Call us today.